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What is Class PCN?
The PCN is a network of FPs & GPs supported by nurses and care coordinators in providing holistic and coordinated care for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and asthma/COPD. This team-based care approach ensures patients are better cared for in the community.
Through the PCN, your patients will now be able to access more holistic chronic disease management which includes the provision of ancillary services, such as nurse counselling, diabetic eye and foot screening which might not be readily available in the current GP clinic settings.
Enhancing Patient Care
The Primary Care Coordinators from the PCN will also help patients coordinate with other healthcare providers when they require other services (e.g. referral to podiatry services). Your patients will have access to nurse counsellors for individualised advice to manage their chronic conditions, including lifestyle and dietary modifications.
Optimizing Chronic Disease Management
There will be closer monitoring of their chronic conditions for earlier intervention and the care coordinators will help to schedule services when appropriate for a more seamless patient experience.
How will Class PCN benefit me as a GP?
Participating GPs would be able to manage patients with chronic conditions in a more holistic manner through Class PCN. With additional government funding, Class PCN GPs would be better supported to provide team-based chronic care for their patients and monitor their patients’ outcomes more closely. Class PCN would also tap on better economies of scale for ancillary services (e.g. diabetic eye & foot screening).

As part of Class PCN, the PCN HQ will organise regular meetings for cross sharing of best practices and seminars (i.e. Continuous Medical Education).
Model of Class PCN
We are a GP-Driven PCN Model – Driven and coordinated by solo GPs partnering together to form a network. Our PCN is helmed by Family Physicians: Dr Leong Choon Kit (Clinical Leader) and another Family Physician (Administrative Leader).
I am a doctor; how can I join Class PCN?
Should you be interested to join us please get in touch with our Clinical Lead, Dr Leong Choon Kit, and let’s have a chat.
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